2017-2019: Warsaw, Poland

An operations management project, implemented in a WSE-listed joint-stock company subject to recovery proceedings, which included, without limitation:

• operations management of the Company’s business,
• oversight of the area of paper production for cardboard and packaging sectors,
• oversight of the area of cardboard and packaging production,
• auditing the economic effects of the Company activity, including its profitability as well as analysing the costs of operations against the budget,
• closure of unprofitable production departments combined with optimization of employment, dismantling, relocation, assembly and start-up of cardboard and packaging production machines at a new site,
• consultancy in the area of attracting an investor,
• supervision of the Company’s contacts with financial institutions and internal financial audits, as well as settlements with the Company’s staff; preparation and submission of monthly reports on results of the supervision,
• preparation and supply to the Company of statutory financial information, including information required by the shareholders, the Supervisory Board, and the Warsaw Stock Exchange, reports on current operating results as well as information required to modify the operational strategy, if applicable.

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