Interim Management

Interim Management is one of the business solutions which bring new quality to the process of managing an organisation. This is a temporary measure having a defined purpose and scope, intended to accomplish specific pre-defined goals. It is implemented by a natural person (the Interim Manager) and is based on cooperation and participation in the risks involved in and profits derived from the intended effect.

Who is the Interim Manager?

Interim Manager is there to accomplish a “special mission”. They have considerable experience and a number of successful accomplishments in their area of activity. Based on their knowledge they suggest some directions of changes in an organisation and prepare an exact action plan, becoming responsible for its implementation or assisting in its accomplishment. The Interim Manager always acts to enhance the goodwill.

When should an Interim Manager be hired?

  • Defining the strategy,
  • Defining the directions for growth,
  • Building and implementation of new structures
  • Expansion to new markets,
  • Strengthening of the existing team for project implementation,
  • The need to increase the organisational efficiency,
  • Enterprise restructuring,
  • Replacement during the absence of a full-time employees,
  • Support to company managers in terms and knowledge and experience,
  • Improvement of processes in the organisation,
  • A crisis in the company,
  • Taking unpopular steps.

What are the benefits from cooperation with the Interim Manager?

  • An effective way to solve a specific problem in an organisation,
  • Enhancement or supplementation of the management in the entire company or its selected divisions,
  • Improvement of each individual business process,
  • Benefiting from the knowledge and experience of the Interim Manager,
  • Saving time and money otherwise spent to employ and train a new staff member,
  • No fixed costs related to engaging a full time employee
  • Possibility to combine remuneration with effective implementation of the project to be accomplished.
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