Co-operation with Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the wealthiest and most economically developed country in Central Asia. This is determined by, among others, significant natural resources (oil, natural gas, coal and uranium), and openness to foreign investors. In 2015 Kazakhstan became a full member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and in March 2016 ratified the agreement on enhanced partnership and cooperation with the European Union. In line with the strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050", the country seeks to join the list of 30 most developed countries of the world.

Chances for Polish exporters

The policy of the government is from year to year more and more friendly to foreign entrepreneurs. Polish goods enjoy in Kazakhstan a good reputation. They are associated not only with the favorable price, but above all with high quality. Among the imports of Polish goods except machinery and mechanical devices we can mention a number of other products such as pharmaceutical products, perfumery, machinery and electrical equipment, plastics, dairy products and fresh fruits.

Proper preparation is the key to success

Kazakhstan is constantly growing and very receptive market where many Polish producers have already found demand for their goods.
The specificity of the Kazakh market, however, differs from the traditional ones practices. In Kazakhstan market of business information is still developing and the difficulties in obtaining information resulting from the prevailing business culture in this country. It is therefore only proper preparation for export business on the Kazakh market can ensure success.

We provide innovative services in support of business input to the Kazakh market. We provide comprehensive activities, individually tailored to the customer profile that will ensure the expansion of your company in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our comprehensive consulting services include:

  • market analysis,
  • analysis and development of industry and sector, providing accurate and timely data about the size and dynamics of the market, development directions,
  • support in the preparation of the company's offerings in terms of exports to Kazakhstan,
  • providing optimal distribution channels,
  • actively seeking business partners to introduce products or services to the Kazakh market,
  • develop a marketing strategy.

Work with us, and you’ll find out what it’s like to enjoy competitive advantage.

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